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We connect collectors, recyclers, and refiners in the scrap metal recycling industry to restore the value of precious and non-ferrous metal waste

Our work is to ensure a seamless transportation of commodities to connect the points of origin with the points of need


On a global scale, Recohub responsibly sources valuable secondary raw materials from local waste collectors. With a wide access to the market, we cooperate with partners in 40+ countries around the world.

We gained our partners’ trust through our ability to offer a range of risk management and flexible settlement solutions.


At Recohub, we process the secondary raw materials in compliance with our clients requirements, which oftentimes involves the blending of materials.

Blending and mixing are often overlooked processes. Nonetheless, they are important transformations in form for customers who look for a commodity that possesses a particular combination of characteristics.

Therefore, we process the waste materials and adapt them to the needs of refineries and smelters based on their requirements. Solid analytical abilities allow us to confidently acquire the materials and ensure that the clients receive the product which is completely in line with their needs.

Trade & Delivery

We advance trade and deliver these materials for metal extraction to globally recognized and publicly listed recycling plants. Our resources, integrated systems and processes ensure efficient operation and delivery.

We specialize in scrap metal recycling and work with a range of different products containing various types of metals

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We are based in the United Arab Emirates, at an international trade and logistics hub

As a company specializing in scrap metal recycling, we actively engage in the process of transforming scrap metals in space, time, and form. We re-create value by optimizing these transformations of secondary waste. Ultimately, this offers a more sustainable approach compared to new raw material mining as it saves energy and water, lowers pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Recohub FZC - We connect collectors, recyclers and refiners

The UAE sets a global standard for logistics. Due to its unique geographic and strategic location, it has become the natural business center between the East and the West. With headquarters based in a region, known for its well-developed transport network and excellent infrastructure, we are able to provide our clients with reliable services all around the globe.

Join a global network of partners and leverage extensive experience in the recycling business and sustainable business practices.

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